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Pathfinder-UK Tracking School delivers bespoke courses using the 'Integrated Tracking Method'. You will experience techniques not used by other schools.

The Next.
ITM Tracker Course

3rd - 5th Aug 2018

£175.00 per person - Self Catering

“We had an amazing day with Geoffrey. Myself, my sister and 4 children 14, 12, 9 & 7 wonderful to be inspired by his enthusiasm for nature awareness and tracking, by lunchtime we were all tracking badger and fox, the day just flowed following our questions and Geoffrey’s guidance. We were out for about 9 hours and the children still didn't want the day to end. I personally learnt so much and we now have a lot to practice before we book another day”.

Felix, Lisa, Joe, Natasha, Bruno and Ottie

" I have just spent a weekend in the woods with Geoffrey and during that time, I went from using my mind to using my heart (as Geoffrey calls it) to further my tracking skills. At first, you try and rationalise everything but once you manage to get yourself away from that restrictive box, your awareness starts to blossom and you begin to understand the element of Energy Tracking. Sometimes it can be a shock with the feelings experienced; sometimes it can be felt as an ethereal nudge in the right direction. The secret is to work with what Geoffrey is teaching you through his humour, his beliefs, his experiences and directional but gentle instruction - once you do that, it becomes easier to flick between the Physical world and the world of Energy Tracking."
Bob Leatherday
Energy Tracker Course (20 hrs CPD) - August 2015

On completion of your course you will receive a booklet
packed with aide memoirs for you to practice your tracking skills after you have completed your course with us
2018 Course Dates



JULY 14TH 2018


Do you believe that there is no such thing as?

  1. Energy Tracking
  2. Spirit Tracking
  3. Intention Tracking
  4. Natural Awareness

If you do then this is the course for you. Come and challenge every aspect of this new one day taster course.

The only thing I ask of you is this.

Come with an Open Mind.

If at the end of the course you still feel it is all a load of old tosh. I will invite to make a video with me which I will then upload onto my YouTube Channel, by the same token if you feel it has impacted on you in some way I would like to make a video with on that as well.

I cannot ask for more than this.

I welcome you with open arms and I am willing and ready to listen to you, are you willing to do the same?

Course fee is: £75



1-2-1 Training 1-Day (Price on application)

Tailored courses for your friends or company. For more information write to

Some of the subjects that may be covered on your course:

  • Attributes of a Tracker
  • Sign, factors affecting them
  • Sign Identification
  • Interpreting Sign
  • Tracking Stick
  • Equipment
  • Track Measuring
  • Estimating Quarry’s Height
  • Track Traps
  • Aging Sign
  • Track Pursuit Drill
  • Lost Track Drill
  • Deception Tactics
  • Myth Busting
  • Pressure Releases
  • Nature Awareness Exercises
  • Dead Space
  • Energy Tracking
  • Concentric Rings
  • Sand Box Exercise
  • Observation Trail
  • Intention Box
  • Trail Blazing 
  • Bird Language
  • Body Language
  • Track Sketching
  • Team Tracking
  • Using our senses
  • Recording Data
  • Stalking
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