Bird Language

Bird Language

Experience it through the
Eyes of the Birds

Are you looking to deepen your connection to nature?
Would you like to experience a new way of seeing your world?

You can, on our course

We'll help you to understand the language of our birds
What they are telling each other and what they are telling us

Bird Language is an ancient skill that people have used to help them survive and thrive for thousands of years.

It is a skill which has largely been forgotten by modern people, but which is sorely needed at this time of cultural upheaval and nature’s shifting patterns.

In an era marked by increasing disconnection from nature, self, and others, the practice of learning Bird Language will give you the tools to be more successful in your relationships, your career, your community, and in life in general by enhancing your ability to experience empathy, compassion, attentiveness, sensitivity to your surroundings and others, as well as increased awareness.

During this week long course, you will be participating in daily activities which will open you to a new world of understanding on how to be more attentive to your surroundings, sensitive to how you affect others, and help you achieve a quiet mind, resulting in increased peace and happiness. This will have a ripple effect that will benefit you and your loved ones, enhancing your ability to become a successful nature mentor and create healthy communities.

We are researching a UK version of Jon Young's book of  'What the Robin Knows' you can help to contribute to this new book with your own observations of:

What The Birds Are Telling Us

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Bird Language Tracker Course Is :

10th - 12th Aug 2018

£245.00 per person
Catered - Location TBC
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"Exploring Bird Language", book 3 in Geoffrey McMullan's Discover Nature Awareness series, truly gets at the heart of understanding deep bird language through playful, thoughtful games based on the basic principles of nature.

The activities come from years of observation, curiosity, and trial & error attempts at teaching bird language to diverse audiences.

If you're looking to learn or share bird language with a group - look no further.

Dan Gardoqui

Co-Founder & Director of

White Pines Programs

Maine - USA

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